CellarGuard Mouldkill

Mouldkill by CellarGuard

Interior Mould Killer & Surface Prep

Mouldkill by CellarGuard is a mild, plant acid mould killer with plant-based surfactants. Suitable for food and winery facilities.  CellarGuard Mouldkill kills mould and prepares surfaces for CellarGuard Surface Sanitiser and Protectant and is environmentally friendly.

Manufactured under ISO9001-2008; GMP (medicinal products, part 1). ECOWarranty environmental sustainable standards.

Use as surface preparation for CellarGuard Surface Sanitiser and Protectant. Read label before use. Clean and dry the surface prior to application. Spray entire surface or spray on a microfibre cloth and apply evenly, making sure it is completely covered. Allow to dry (this may take approx. 10 – 30 minutes at ambient temperature). Wash surfaces if required.

  • Kills and Cleans mould on surfaces
  • Mild Plant Acid
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Simple spray-on application
  • Prepares Surfaces for CellarGuard Plus application


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