What is CellarGuardPlus?

A nontoxic, food grade, antimicrobial industrial sanitiser and surface coating product.


What does it do?

It provides lasting surface protection against many types of microbes. This has not been seen before with conventional chemical-based disinfectants.


Is it safe to use?

Yes it is. It is nontoxic and contains no harmful chemicals. The application process can occur while people are in the area being treated.


Does the product have the appropriate approvals?

CellarguardPlus is AsureQuality approved which permits the product to be used in the most demanding food production areas including the dairy industry.


What is in it?

It is 99% pure water and has a 1% organosilane active.


How does it work?

When applied to a surface and dried, CellarGuardPlus forms a coating of microscopic spikes that rupture microbes’ cells as they come into contact with the surface.


How is it applied?

CellargGardPlus is applied through fine particle spray devices at 20 microns to ensure effective coverage.

What does it break down to?

CellarguardPlus will break down to harmless organic materials.


Will CellarguardPlus transfer?

CellarGuardPlus is a durable non-leaching, bonded, antimicrobial surface coating which cannot be washed off and is not affected by normal cleaning protocols.


How long will it last on a surface?

The effective action of CellarguardPlus is only diminished by abrasion. If the treated area is not subjected to abrasive action, the durability of CellarguardPlus will continue for an extended time.


Will our regular cleaning processes affect the surface coating?

Normal cleaning processes using detergents and surfactants will only enhance the effective action of CellarGuardPlus.


Can it be applied to any surface?

CellarguardPlus is safe to use on any surface type including stainless steel, wood and plastics.


Will CellarguardPlus deal with Brettanomyces and other wine spoilage organisms?

Absolutely, not only Brettanomyces but also Acetobacter, Lactobacillus and Zygosaccharramyces.




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