Cellar Guard Plus powered by Zoono is the solution to providing perfect hygiene in your winery.


Finally! the solution to providing PERFECT hygiene in your winery


The tough, invisible, long-lasting, food safe antimicrobial sanitisation and protection solution that will keep your winery spotless!


A new era of hygiene management is here.

CellarGuardPlus’ leading-edge technology is a totally different approach for dealing with harmful microbes. While other antimicrobials rely on poisons, toxic chemicals or heavy metal ions, CellarguardPlus utilises a patented molecular technology that destroys microbes mechanically.


CellarGuardPlus offers a totally new concept in sanitising, disinfecting and protecting wineries.


Wineries are constantly under attack by a microscopic army of microbes which arrive in the form of bacteria, viruses, algae, mildew, mould, yeast and other fungi.


Once established, these harmful microbes can cause product and property damage.


Many of these microbes have mutated or adapted to chemicals being used to control them, therefore chemicals must become more toxic to be effective.


CellarGuardPlus’ winery sanitisation programme will safely and effectively reduce mould, disease and odour-causing microbes by up to 99.99% and inhibit their return.


The CellarGuardPlus sanitisation and protection programme inactivates and kills pathogens using a mechanical rather than chemical killing process. No transfer of chemical or chemical residues occurs during this process. No harmful pollutants enter the trade waste system.


CellarGuardPlus has approval from the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and can be used safely around food. Because of its nontoxic nature it is the ideal solution to use in food manufacturing facilities to manage hygiene.


The tough, invisible, long-lasting, food safe antimicrobial sanitisation and protection solution that will keep your winery spotless!


Scientific breakthrough in antimicrobial hygiene:



The CellarGuardPlus concept was originally developed by researchers at Dow Corning Corporation for the US Navy. Using new technology, scientists discovered the ability to control the growth and development of microorganisms on any treated surface, even after repeated cleaning and extended use. The formula was used by the US military with the primary application being on US navy submarines. Today it has been re-engineered into a water-based solution which provides the antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antialgae protection of a broad spectrum antimicrobial sanitiser which is safe to use around humans and animals.


CellarGuardPlus has been tested by organisations including Dow Corning USA, Arizona State University, US Environmental Protection Agency, US, Australian and NZ Food Safety Authorities and the registered laboratories of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Agency.



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